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MC ADD Fun & Games

Its kind of funny that both of us are frequent flyers at a particular place but neither of us are
Only positive for me from Barry Nightmare
We both like him, he was perceived as a threat and exiled
This book turned into a twilight zone experience
Second favorite song you have ever sent me
The Professor Who Nailed it Re: the philosophy at the Baptist
We have decided to go simple and just call it...
Opening a bookstore here would be a grand idea but for reality
Most favorite song you have ever sent me
Our motto
The only flower in the world that I like more than plumeria
The book that started it all...I asked if you read, and you immediately made reference to how the main characters died.
My destination choice that turned into an "are you kidding me?"
Oh, to go hear this person live, esp songs from this album
You didn't offer me any of these but have made up for it since then
When someone asks you a question and it totally catches you off guard..
JF will find a more qualified chair when this happens
Only player's name I remember from 1992 Ajax
Negotiations with KH
Ajax played this team to win 1992 UEFA Cup, you can't look it up