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Chapter 1 Terms (The Science of Biology)

16 Points
Literally means "living planet." Organisms are linked to one another, as well as to the land, water, and air around them.
This helps scientists design experiments that yield accurate data.
A variable that is observed and changes in response to the independent variable.
A particular preference or point of view that is personal, rather than scientific.
An experiment in which only one variable is changed. All other variables are controlled.
A group exposed to the same conditions as the experimental group except for the independent variable.
In science, applies to a well tested explanation that applies to a broad range of observations.
An organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world.
A scientific explanation for a set of observations that can be tested..
Questioning existing ideas and refusing to accept explanations without evidence.
The act of noticing and describing events or processes in a careful, orderly way.
A variable that is deliberately changed.
The study of life.
A logical interpretation based on what scientists already know.
Being willing to accept different ideas that do not agree with your hypothesis.
Observations and information collected from an experiment.
An attitude that leads one to ask new questions.