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Biology Unit Vocab Review

Teacher: GMMS Science 7
Name for the lenses of the microscope on the nose piece that changes magnification
When naming organisms, this taxonomy category is used first and is capitalized
All living organisms are made of these
Hydra reproduce asexually by this method
This Protist live in a colony of thousands. Also, has two flagellum each.
A specific organism that makes up part of the community of organisms for an ecosystem
Process that occurred when the Elodea leaf cells were placed in salt water
Plant cells have this structure protecting it where animal cells don't
Chemical process that makes food for cells that occurs only in cells with Chloroplasts
The gel within a cell that keeps all the organelles
This is what an Amoeba uses for movement
The command center of all Eukariotic cells
Word that refers to all the Biotic items of an ecosystem
Form of reproduction that does not need a mate and the offspring will have the exact same DNA
The chemical in the chloroplast organelle of a plant cell that is responsible for photosynthesis
An organism that lives off of a host causing harm to it
A process of asexual reproduction in which the body parts break off and grow back for Lumbriculus and many other organisms
What all the internal parts of a Cell are called
The name for where an organism lives in its ecosystem
Hydra use this sting cell to paralyze their prey
The most specific catagory of taxonomy classification
The interactions of both Biotic and Abiotic items make this up
The broadest catagory of organism classification
The job or role that an organism provides for the ecosystem
Hair-like structures that help a Paramecium move