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Physical Science Review

Teacher: Mrs. Green
Fruit salad is an example of a __.
A nitrogen-rich substance produced by organisms.
When no more of a substance will dissolve, the solution is__.
What Mendeleyev used to arrange elements.
A substance with a definite shape, volume, and mass.
Elements with luster, malleability and conductivity.
In a mixture of staples and beans you can separate them by using __ __.
Changing from a liquid to a gas.
When a solute dissolves in a solution it creates a___.
Rust is an example of __.
The most abundant element on earth.
A substance that has volume and mas, but its shape changes easily.
Unchangeable substance made of one type of atom.
This atomic particle has a negative charge.
An equation showing a chemical reaction
When a substance has both a shape and a volume that can change depending on the pressure, it is a __.
The most abundant element in humans is __.
The smallest particle of an element is an __.
An instrument used to make new elements.
sugars and starches
Two or more atoms can combine to form a __.
A small piece of a substance in its natural form is often a __.
Fats and oils
This atomic particle has a positive charge.
A highly powered microcspe use to see molecules.