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Chapter 2 Part 2 General Psychology

Adrenal glands secrete _____
Drinking/eating, sexual behavior, sleeping, and temperature control are most strongly influenced by the _____
Structure of the hindbrain responsible for life sustaining functions
Connects left and right hemispheres and allows them to communicate
Field of study that shows how stress can impact our immune system
1st stage of general adaptation syndrome
Procedure that uses radioactive glucose substance to see brain activity
Lobe that deals with visual info
Lobe at the top and back of each cerebral hemisphere, containing the centers for touch, body position, and temperature
Language is dealt in this side of the brain in most people
Responsible for selective attention
Group of brain structures involved in emotion, learning, and motivation
Procedure that uses a magnetic field to produce slice images of the brain
Lobe involved in planning, memory, and personality
Lobe that is on the side of the brain involved in understanding language
Outermost part of brain
Master gland
Computer controlled x-rays of the brain
Chemicals that are secreted directly into bloodstream
Involved in fear response