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Using Geography Skills: Pages 12-38

The day when day and night are equal. (38)
Shows continents close to their true shapes and sizes. (23)
Circles the middle of the earth like a belt found at 0 degrees. (24)
System uses radio signals to determine the exact location of a place on earth. (17)
Computer hardware and software that gather, store, and analyze geographic information.(17)
Shows land shapes fairly accurately but not size or distance. (22)
Round model of the earth. (22)
Type of projection that shows land shapes fairly accurately but not size or distance. (23)
Explains how and why people or ideas go from place to place. (Sec 1)
Characteristics of a location such as plants, animals, and landforms. (Sec 1)
Also known as meridians, which run from the North Pole to the South Pole. (24)
Earth's surface. (Sec 1)
Type of map that shows landforms and water features. (28)
Minor distortions where continents and oceans are close to their size and shapes. (23)
Describes where that feature is located in relation to the features around it. (Sec 1)
A complete circuit around the sun. (36)
Exact spot on Earth where a Geographic feature is located. (Sec 1)
0 degrees longitude. (24)
The day with the most hours of daylight. (37)
Type of Map that shows names and boundaries. (29)
Gives a good overall view of the continents shapes and sizes but are not distorted near the poles as Robinson Projection. (23)
Imaginary circles that run east to west around the globe. (24)
Natural surrounds. (Sec 1)
Symbol that tells you the cardinal directions. (26)
Study of earth and its people. (Sec 1)
Size of the map compared to the size of the actual land surface. (26)
Flat drawing of all or part of the earth's surface. (22)