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Paul's Shipwreck

The men had not eaten in __________ days.
A ______ came out of the fire and attacked Paul.
Paul stayed on the island for ______ months.
Who was in charge of Paul?
The sailors dragged the ___________ onto the deck.
Who was Paul's friend that sailed with him?
Paul affirmed his _______ in God.
Everyone swam for the ________.
"You have appealed to _____, then to ______ you go!"
They dropped four ________ to avoid running aground.
The boarded a ______ of Adramyttium.
Paul sailed across the _______________ Sea.
Paul was religious leader in ____________.
Messenager of God.
Paul and the _____________ were handed over to a Roman soldier
Where is Rome located?
Where were they planning to spend the winter?
They sailed close to ________.
They made a huge ___________.
What was Paul's hometown?
What was the name of the island?
The sailors tried to ________.
Who did Paul not believe was the Messiah?
Paul was ______________ on an island.
Paul did not want to sail past the Day of _______________.
Feast of ____________________.
The Centurion commanded all who ______ to jump.
Paul was a ________ citizen.
Julius was a ______________.
The ship was caught in a stron ______.
Where was Paul sailing to?
Everyone made it safely to the _________.