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Drama Vocabulary 1


The point where action meets obstacle
Words spoken by an actor
The resolution of conflict in a play
The character who provides the obstacles for the protagonists' objective
A short play
The order of events in a play
Clues given to the audience about future events in the play
The main character who you root for in a play
A composition written to be spoken by one person
A composition intended to portray a story, character, or real life using conflict, emotion, and dialogue
Movement of the hand, arm, or body that is expressive of idea, opinion, or emotion
Personalities or parts that actors play
One who interprets a dramatic character
Information about what happened before a play began
A speech in which one actor speaks his/her thoughts outloud
The art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, movies, etc.
A set of actors in a play or movie
The turning point in the action of a play
Remark made by a character to the audience
The main idea or message within the play