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Music Appreciation Terms

Multiple lines of music playing
Medium loud volume
Fast tempo
Music created for fun and enjoyment
Instruments made from metal
The speed of the music
The sounds and instruments used to create the music
The arrangement of notes, or beats in the music
How thick or thin the music sounds
How high or low the music sounds
Instruments that sound from the vibration of strings
One melody line of music playing
Loud volume
Instruments originally made from wood
Instruments that have strings
The main part of the music
Medium tempo
Soft volume
Instruments that require physical striking of some sort to play
Instruments that use air to create sound
Slow tempo
Instruments that have a stretched skin over a hollow base
Instruments that must be plugged in the create sound
Male voice, lower pitched instruments
The world-wide classification of the instruments
Music for rituals or celebreations
Music created to express feelings and emotions
Female voice, higher pitched instruments
A melody line of music playing with an accompaniment
The orchestral classification of the instruments
Instruments that vibrate in their entirely to create sound