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The Geography of Texas

Lessons 1,2, & 3
Fierce swirling tunnel of wind
Lack of rain over a period of time
Resources that can be restored over time.
Rain, hail, sleet, and snow
A place where groundwater comes to the surface
An extreme storm that hit Texas coastline in September of 2017
State in the US closest to the equator
A level area higher than the surrounding ground
The ocean that borders North America to east
Resources that are in limited supply
Long steep slope or cliff
Chemicals and harmful substances that damage water supplies
Natural or artificial lake used to store water
A barrier island containing popular beaches in Texas
Mass of cold air that comes form the north
Limiting water usage
An area of common features, people, and ways of living that set it apart from other areas.
________use technology to track storms.
A structure built to help create a reservoir
The ocean that borders North America to the west
long narrow islands that lie just off the coast
Storm with high winds and snow
Reduce, reuse,_________
Water located below the surface
Resources that include anything found in nature
A major city in the panhandle of Texas
A large bowl shaped depression in the ground
Texans choose to love by these, especially rivers and valleys.
Patterns of weather in a designated place
In higher elevations like mountains the climate is _______ than other areas.