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Geography Skills Handbook

The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest parts of an area; elevation of a land surface
A database view of information arranged in a grid of rows and columns
A way of representing the spherical Earth on a flat surface
A tool on a map showing cardinal (N,E,S,W) and intermediate (NE,SE,NW,SW) directions.
Shows the location or distribution of human or physical features
A pictoral representation of facts
A description of surface features of land.
Maps that show a wide range of information about an area
A section of a map that explains the map's symbols and shading
A drawing that explains something
A graphical representation of data
Generally, the relationship between the portion of Earth being studied and Earth as a whole, specifically the relationship between the size of an object on a map and the size of the actual feature on Earth's surface.
A circular line on the surface of a sphere formed by intersecting it with a plane passing through the center
A line on a topographic map that connects points of equal elevation