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Chapter 3 Economics Puzzle, 3.2--3.6

Used his ressources wisely to make gunpowder for President Jefferson. p.39-41.
A person who undertakes management of economic enterpriseson a bold scale, with some danger of losing hi investment of money or time. p. 39
2 words--type of economy that is directed by customs and habits.p. 43.
A forklift that is used to transport imported goodswithin a warehouse is a ________ good. p. 34.
Human activity that results in the creation of goods and services p. 31
As seen in a circular flow model of a free enterprise economy, the market's two components are the _______ market and theproduct market.p. 43.
Anyone who owns producer goods or owns a share of some business that produces goods. p 35.
Three basic components of free enterprise are property rights, freedom of enterprise and_______ government. p. 42.
The fifth factor of production. p. 28.
2 words--includes land and other resources. p. 30
2 words--This economy allows people to make their own economic choices.p 29
An economic system that provides barely enough to keep a society alive.p. 34.
The economy that has a system in which a centralized authority controls the production, distribution, and consumption of goods. p. 29
2 words--asystem in which the owner of much of the nation's capital is a powerful, centralized apparatus called a collectivist state.p. 34.