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Physical Science Test 1

Temperature scale not measured in degrees
How close a measurement is to the actual value
Equations are also known as mathematical ____
A collection of compatible, related units that can be used to measure various quantities is a ____ of measurement
Has no definite volume
Physical science is the ____ study of God's physical creation and how it works
Second is a measurement of ___
Repeatability of a measurement
System of measurement accepted worldwide and used for scientific purposes
Used to write very large or very small numbers
Study of interactions between matter & energy
This number has how many sig figs 0.01023
U.S. customary system
Property of matter that resist change in motion
Energy is the ability to do ____
Mathematics is often references as the ____ of science
Study of the composition of matter
Non sequitur is a ___ error in which a conclusion is not a logical consequence of the evidence
The type of change that changes the identity of a substance
Direct measurement, fluid displacement, & geometric formulas are 3 ways to measure ____
Temperature scale of most nations
Coldest possible temp
SI unit of mass
Tentative explanation
Temperature is an indirect measurement of an object's ____ energy
A liter is the SI unit for ____
Amount of matter in an object
Prefix for 1000
The principle of ____ states the universe is lawful and orderly
Value of the prefix Centi-
SI unit for length
Science put to use
A solid has both ____ volume and shape
The kelvin temperature scale is a scale of ____ temps
An experiment is an ____ situation created by scientist to test an hypothesis
A specific measure to which other measures are compared to ensure uniformity
Amount of space matter takes up
A theory that has stood the test of time
Push or pull
Set of symbols summarizing mathematical relationship
How many sig figs should be in the answer to this problem: (1.44+2.6) / 2