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"science homework"Denis Fernandez

Rocky objects revolving around the sun that are too small and numerous to be considered planets.
A streak of light in the sky produced by the burning of a meteoroid in earth's atmosphere.
A model of the solar system in which Earth and other planets revolve around the sun
Te tendency of an object to resist a change in motion.
Consist of the sun, the planets and their moons and several kinds of smaller objects that revolve around the sun.
It is a narrow disk with a large bulge in the middle.
A force that moves rocks and other materials downhill; the force that pulls objects toward each other.
The initial explosion that resulted in the formation and expansion of the universe
A loose collection of ice,dust and small rocky particles, typically with a long,narrow orbit of the sun.
A model of the universe in which Earth is at the center of the revolving planets and stars.
A chunk of rock or dust in space.
A huge group of single stars, star sistems, star clusters, dust and gas bound together by gravity.