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Spelling Test # 29

Teacher: Mr. Davis' Reading
A beam or flash of bright light
The event of time when the sun disappears below the western horizon
A series of cultural events,such as films, concerts,or exhibitions
The event of time when the sun comes up
To shine with flickering light; glimmer
A tall grass with thick, juicy stems that are used as a source of sugar
A country that is ruled by a king or queen
The customs, beliefs, laws, and ways of living that are typical of a group of people
A person whose job is to guard property, especially at night
The fact of being related by family or shared origin
Shining very brightly
Clothes that a person wears to play a part in a performance or to dress in disguise
A high , harsh, cry or sound
Country in South America
A person who fears and avoids hard or dangerous situations