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Geometry Unit 1 Vocabulary

The Father of Geometry
Thought of as a location in space
Lying on the same plane
The point that makes the beginning or end of a segment or ray
Thought of as a collection of of points that extend infinitely in opposite directions
To have one or more points in common
A 2-D representation of a geometric term
The actual place of the common point or points
It's root means earth measure
A statement that is accepted as fact without proof
The collection of all points
A figure formed by 2 rays with a common endpoint
Lying on the same line
Two rays that share an endpoint and form a line
Terms that can only be explained but not defined
A part of a line that starts at one point and goes infinitely in one direction
A part of a line that has a starting point and an ending point
The common endpoint of 2 rays
A flat surface that extends infinitely in all directions