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Earth, Moon, Sun

Season during March - May
Season during September - November
Device used to make space objects appear closer.
Moon phases that occur after a new moon.
Large, dark areas of molten material on the surface of the moon.
The spin of an object on its own axis.
First person on the moon July 20, 1969.
Created the first telescope in 16089.
Imaginary line which the earth rotates.
Large, flat light areas of molten material on the surface of the moon transformed into mountains.
Occurs when the earth's tilt causes summer and winter.
Occurs when the earths tilt causes spring and autumn.
The orbit of an object around another object.
Only planet known to inhabit life.
Season during June - August
Different amount of light seen as the moon orbits the sun. (Full Moon, Quarter, Crescent, Gibbous)
Bowl-shaped cavity or hole on the surface of the moon.
The earth's natural satellite.
Periodical rise and fall of the oceans surface due to the gravitational pull of the moon.
Occurs when the earth is between the sun and the moon
Moon phases that occur after a full moon.
Occurs when the moon is between the earth and the sun.
The four natural parts of the year.
Space rocks that formed craters on the moon's surface.
Origin of all energy on earth.
Season during December - February
Curved path which the earth and moon revolves.