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6th Science: 1.1-1.2

To be dried out
Tough, fibrous material that gives the stem its strength
An underwater insectivorous plant
Tiny packages of chlorophyll
The food plants need to live
The chemical process by which a plant makes food
Protective stems found on rose bushes
A plant's response to light
Special leaves that grow below the ground
The special leaves on a vine
The holes or pores located on the underside of plants
Plants that climb upward as they grow
Tiny projections near the end of a root that extend outward in search of water
The tough, protective cells that cover a root's tip
The three main leaf edges are smooth, lobed, and _____.
This system of a plant relates to what is located below the ground
A plant's response to touch
The pigment that gives plants their green coloring
This system of a plant relates to the visible parts of a plant
A plant's response to gravity
Runs up the middle of a leaf
A plant's response to water
Joins the leaf to the plant
A stem that grows along the surface of the ground
Special leaves that provide protection for plants in dry areas
One main root that is sent deep down into the ground