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Easter Resurrection Sunday

Author: Salsa
Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus' triumphal entry into this city
Spiritual vices. If U don't believe in Jesus U will die in your __. John 8:24
Skeptical. Roman & Jewish authorities were __ of Jesus
Cloak. Crucifixion movie w/Richard Burton, The __
Ceremony. Easter sunrise __
Victory. Easter celebrates Jesus' __ over death
Road. Via Dolorosa is a narrow __
Poke. Roman soldiers chose 2 __ a spear in Jesus' side 2 verify His death
After. Jesus' resurrection proves life __ the grave
Essential. Repentance is __ 4 salvation
Not out
Momentous. Jesus' resurrection was earth's most __ event
Midday. It was dark from __ to 3 as Jesus hung on the cross
Does a soul need 2 B saved by Christ 2 get 2 heaven? John 14:6, Acts 4:12
Is there any proof Jesus did not rise from the dead?
B4. Jesus rose from the dead __ of His followers
Golgotha Resurrection (ab)
Iniquity. Jesus died on the cross 4 my __
Envoy. John the Baptist was the __ who prepared the way 4 Christ
Expired. Jesus __ on the cross 2 pay 4 our sins
Not off
Redeemer's. Easter morning I celebrate my __ resurrection
He prophesied His death & resurrection & fulfilled it
Raising from dead. Jesus said, I am the __ & the life; believe in Me & U will live again. John 11:25
Religious. Easter has great __ meaning
Linger @ Easter egg hunt
Jerusalem hill. __ of Olives
Burial cloth. __ of Turin
Sheep leader. The Good __ gave His life 4 the sheep
Easter bunny
Arrival. Christmas celebrates Jesus' __
Hebrew. __ authorities condemned Jesus, their __ Messiah
Sm. green or black Gethsemane fruit tree
Peeved. Pilate was __ @ Jesus' trial
Paradise. Jesus ascended into __
Ancient. The __ Rugged Cross (hymn)
Hymns. Were You There & Via Dolorosa are __
Color these @ Easter
Space. Garden Tomb is a quiet __
Who can worship the risen Christ?
Recreational vehicle (ab)