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Teacher: Chasing Rainbows
What holds a western saddle in place
A distance event that can be up to 100 miles long.
A timed western event around a set pattern of three objects
Where you put your foot while you ride
A discipline in which riders must navigate an obstacle course
A team sport on horseback
A type of saddle used for dressage, jumping, polo, and huntseat.
What holds an English saddle in place
Only found on a western saddle, it connects the stirrup to the rest of the saddle
A western event that involves separating a cow from a group
From "A" to "C"
Only found on western saddles; originally used for roping
An English discipline that scores based on percentages
In a trail course, riders may be asked to complete a figure eight around two of these
An English equestrian discipline including three phases
The center of an English or western saddle