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Business Law Crossword Puzzle (No Spaces)

A nation's or state's supreme set of laws.
The law is a set of rules developed and enforced by the governing authority.
A law passed by the U.S. congress or a state legislature.
In the common law, a collection of statues enacted by legislature bodies, including congress and state legislatures.
A system designed to prevent the accumulation of excessive power in any one person or group.
A law passed by a government body below the state level and dealing with a local concern.
The form of government that is centralized with only one true zone of power.
Any rule that a society will enforce
More a social economic philosophy than simply jurisprudence, this approach to life and law is often reduced to the phrase "the greatest good for the greatest measure."
Codified law based on the Roman code of Justinian
Form of government in which the member-states are ultimately supreme.
A regulation issued by a federal state, or a local administrative agency and governing procedure or conduct in a specific field.
Form of government in which power is given to both national and state governments.
Law as developed and pronounced by the courts in deciding cases, based on the common law of England and judicial precedent
The conference in which new uniform laws and changes to existing laws for states are provided.