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It's Game Time

By: Neil Agnew
Have an adverse affect on
Postpone, as a discussion
Tons and tons
Subatomic particle
Japanese automaker
Opening, in a schedule
Common children's playground game
Full-length albums, briefly
Jacuzzi features*
Get the wrinkles out, with clothes
Saks Fifth ___, shortly
Drain, as energy
Tree variety that's an anagram of "raced"
Not quite stellar grades, on a report card
Garfunkel companion
Apollo landing craft
"What really happened was"
Hi-__ (great amount of detail)
What this puzzle's starred answers all are
What you get back from a business endeavor: Abbr.
Checks the papers of, for short
LA Galaxy and NY Red Bulls are part of it
Boggy organic matter used as fuel
Classes for many high-achieving high schoolers
Charges, to an account*
Cycles through again and again
Otolaryngologists, familiarly
Flies off the handle, say
It may be said before a meal
Word after Christmas or New Year's
Earl Grey is one, for example
Fencing sword
Camera type for a professional, shortly
Smashes into*
Trig function
Global org. for financial stability
Torme of jazz music
Direction opposite SSW
"No, it can't be!"