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RTT2100 Chapter 1 Cell Biology

A protein that acts as a catalyst
One of two categories of nitrogenous basis found in DNA; include the bases thymine and cytosine
One of two categories of nitrogenous bases found in DNA; includes the bases thymine and cytosine
Of, relating to, or containing carbon compounds
Mode of cell death characterized by nuclear fragmentation, cell lysis, and phoagocytosis of the chromatin bodies by neighboring cells
To be perpendicular to the surface
Having the basic chromosome number is doubled, as in somatic cells (2n)
Low powered energy used to treat superficial tumors and lesions
Immobilization used to decrease the angle of the chest during treatment
The top of the skull
Building block of protein; an organic acid linked by peptide bonds to form a protein
To lie on the right or left side
Specialized structures a in specific functions
Genes who expression appears to be linked with conversion of normal cells to cancer cells
A gene that suppresses cellular proliferation
Simple molecular units that are individually stable and have specific chemical characteristics and properties
One of four major classes of cellular organic compounds that constitute approximately 15% of cell content and is the most plentiful carbon-containing compound in the cell
Lying face down
Immobilization used to move the small intestines out of a treatment field
Immobilization used to stabilize the pelvis
Pertaining to or situated on the back
Unit of genetic material responsible for directing cytoplasmic activity and transmitting hereditary information in cells
Two or more monomers joined by polymerization to form a chain consisting essentially of repeating structural units
Situated in or pertaining to the middle
Pertaining to a single set of chromosomes