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Origin and Nature of Law

A law passed by the U.S. Congress or a state legislature
Legal rights and obligations in regard to a specific subject.
In the common law, a collection of statutes enacted by legislative bodies, including Congress and state legislatures
Privilege whereby disclosure of confidential communications solely between the attorney and the client cannot be compelled
The body of self-imposed rules of conduct generally perceived to be right
Law as developed and pronounced by the courts in deciding cases "case law"
Concerned with the enforcement of substantive law a court of law
A representative or agent
A comprehensive uniform law covering most commercial transactions
Clients may use as assurance that, if work is needed, the lawyer will be available.
A parallel and independent legal system based on principles of "fair play"
The overall accumulation of judicial decisions
"stand by the decision"
Codified law based on the Roman Code of Justinian: the basis of the legal system for most countries.
That which a judge will decide concerning matters properly brought before him/he, in a broader sense, any rule that society will enforce