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What is Earth Science Chapter 1

Atmospheric conditions over a significant time period
Frozen hydrosphere
The study of plant and animal fossils
Rotating clouds of H & He and some heavier metals (2 words)
The most recent hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico
This represents the earth's surfaces where it's on a continent or the floor of an ocean. It starts with the letter "T"
Atmospheric conditions today
A rapid rotating storm system with a low pressure center. (2 words)
The 5th planet from the sun
The geosphere is made up of the mantle, core and ______
Tropical ______ 0-38 mph
The percent of water that is in the first 16 km of atmosphere from Earth
All of the water on Earth
Within the upper mantle this is located above the asthenosphere
How gases escape Earth today. (2 words)
These created the Appalachians. (2 words)
Name of the major storms that form in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean
Shoreline erosion by ocean waves is referred to as ________ process.
This interacts with all 3 physical spheres
This layer of the Earth is only 5 - 70 km thick