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Chapter 1 and 2 Vocabulary

Graph consisting of bars of equal width drawn adjacent to each other
Data values that are quantitative and number of values is finite and "countable"
Level of Measurement which only includes categories. Data cannot be arranged in order.
Shows how data are partitioned among several categories by listing the categories along with the number of data values in each of them
Level of Measurement where there is a natural zero starting point and ratios make sense
The difference between two consecutive lower class limits in a frequency distribution
Results from infinitely many possible quantitive values, where the collection of values is not countable
Level of Measurement where differences are meaningful, but there is no natural zero starting point and ratios make no sense
Level of Measurement where data can be arranged in order, but differences can't be found or are meaningless
If distribution of data is not symmetric and extends more to one side than to the other