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Environmental Services Week

Cleans the dining room floors on Wednesday evenings
Has worked in the kitchen, laundry and housekeeping departments
Laundry Aide since 2012
Equipment used by housekeepers to clean the floors in a timely fashion.
Started working at TL in 1983 - worked in the kitchen
Has won the Roberta Make a Difference Award in 2016
Houskeeping and laundry departments are part of the ___________ services.
A chemical liquid to destroy bacteria.
Company that supplies the housekeeping products/chemicals.
There are approximately 15 _____ of laundry washed every day.
Company that supplies the laundry chemicals.
The department that keeps the Home clean and sanitized
Department where clothing and bedding get laundered
Started working one month after the opening date (October 1981)
Has one grandbaby that she cherishes a lot