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Cell Crossword

Molecules including sugars, starches, and fiber.
An organelle in eukaryotic cells that contains the cells genetic material.
A type of cell that has a nucleus.
Describes the basic characteristics of all cells and organisms.
The smallest unit of life.
Organelle that is the site of cellular respiration which releases energy for use by the cell.
A system of membranes in the cytoplasm that assists in the production, processing, and transport of proteins and in the production of lipids.
Large molecules made up of smaller molecules called amino acids.
Large organic molecules that determine the genetic traits on organisms.
The organelle that makes proteins by putting together chains of amino acids using instructions encoded in the cells DNA.
Contains the instructions for all cell processes.
Tiny structures that exist within the cell that have special functions to keep the cell working properly.
Contain digestive enzymes which break down worn out or damaged organelles, waist materials, and foreign invaders in the cell.
The organelles where photosynthesis occurs.
A type of cell without a nucleus.
Fluid filled vesicle found in the cells of most animals, plants, and fungi.
Surrounds the cell.
A chemical compound that contains carbon atoms.
A network of protein filaments that gives shape and support to cells.
A membrane bound organelle that packages and distributes materials.
Molecules including fats, oils, waxes and phospholipids.
A rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane.
Gel like liquid inside a cell.
The smallest functional and structural unit of all living things.
A substance made of one type of atom.