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Ceramics Vocabulary

A furnace for firing (heating) dried clay
Also known as raw ware or unfired clay items
The condition of clay when it has been partially dried to the point where all shrinkage has been completed
The removal of excess clay in shaping of pottery before it has been fired for the first time
Pottery that has been fired but not yet glazed
A machine for consolidating plastic clay or body into a firm column
A decorating technique where a slip is applied to a leather hard piece of clay and left to dry. Once the slip is dry a host of different tools are used to carve a design into the surface
The process of heating pottery in a kiln to bring the glaze or clay body to maturity (desired finish)
A coating that has been matured to the glassy state on a formed ceramic article
Decorative coating applied to clay item before it is fired (green/raw ware)
A hand method of forming pottery by building up walls with coils of rope like rolls of clay
A procedure for preparing clay by hand. The lump of clay is repeatedly thrown and kneaded to get rid of air bubbles
Unfired clay items also known as raw ware
A kidney shaped tool of flexible steel or stiff rubber for pressing and smoothing clay
All fired ceramic wares or materials which when shaped contain a significant amount of clay