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Art Composition Vocabulary

offers some change creating a visual discord in a composition
Ingredients for a good work of art
How elements and principles of design are combined to create a good work of art
a feeling of visual equality in shape, form, value, color etc.
Recipe for a good work of art
refers to the variations in the proportions of objects, lines or shapes
a mark on the surface that describes a shape or an outline
a 3 dimensional object having volume and thickness
a connected 2 dimensional line with no form or thickness.
a movement in which some elements recur regularly.
a visual flow thru the composition.
surface quality either tactile or visual.
an area that first attracts attention in a composition.
the feeling that all elements belong together
the degree of light and dark in a design.
area around or inside of objects/subjects
refers to specific hues and has 3 properties, Chroma, intensity and value.