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Gospel of St. John

Author: Ivena Orji
The place of shelter for flocks where they might repose at night
To become alive
The holy ghost sent by the father to work in the lives of the redeemed
Weak, sickly, helpless
Set apart as or declare holy
A small quantity
A young unmarried woman
To seize upon
Made dirty or foul
A leather strap or thong for tying on sandals
To complain in a low tone or in private
Acknowledge, declared to be true
Cause of great trouble or suffering
To count as nothing, despise
Origin, first, the dateless past
To prostrate one's self
To wrap around
A wild shrub of uncertain identity,
Worthless, base things
A case for the reception of a sword
A measure of capacity, being the fourth part of a barrel
Cleansing, make pure
A general term for perfumes
To harass with unjust punishment
Appointed, instituted,
To bring forth
Conquered, prevailed
Whipped, lash, punish
Shrunk or paralyzed
One who commits a crime
An unsound or unhealthy state of the body
Severe mental or physical pain
Unknown time, eternity
To judge
Of the gospel, the principles taught by Christ
To recognize, discern, envision, or understand
Porticos or verandas
To dwell, rest, continue
To stay, to put off going
Vilify, rail at; not merely to rebuke
Sweat cloth
To disguise craftily
God's punishment for the sin of man