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Science Vocabulary Test

Teacher: Lyons
A mixture created when a substance is dissolved in a liquid
A liquid mixture in which the materials are not evenly distributed and can be seen
To pass a liquid or a gas through a device with very tiny openings in order to remove any solid material from it
A description of how something looks, feels, smells, sounds, & tastes
A test that compares two or more things by keeping everything the same except the things being compared
One of the 106 known elements; any of the compounds that these elements form
Information, such as that gathered during an experiment
A particular kind of matter with uniform properties
A combination of 2 or more substances in which each substance keeps its own properties. the substance in a mixture can be separated from one another
The process by which a liquid changes to a gas
A response to something; a chemical reaction is one that may occur when two or more things are mixed
A thing that is made up of two or more elements