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Vocabulary List 2 (The Neolithic Era)

Read pages 82 - 95 and pages 110 & 111 in your history textbook.
The answers are the words on Vocabulary List #2.
A material that is useful to humans
A series of drastic changes or a revolt, which is often violent
Tranquil; unruffled
to adjust oneself to different conditions in a changing environment
The study of the face of the Earth, its climate, its space, and the resources it has
It might be easier to concentrate in a quiet _________ .
a complex society that has cities, a well-organized government, and workers with specialized job skills
Capitalism is a free-market ______ .
Tools and methods designed to make it easier to do work
Shown in a realistic or colorful way
Prices were lower than usual because there was a ________ .
This encompasses a person's beliefs, customs, and clothing.
to disperse through a space or over an area; spread; scatter
Early hunter-gatherers were ______ people who followed the herds of animals they hunted.
To learn specific skills for a particular kind of work
In ancient times, the "land between two rivers," located on the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East
the domestication of plants and animals
Tools, methods, and skills that people use to do work and meet their needs
Relating to the era referred to as the New Stone Age