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Abram/Abraham & Sarai/Sarah Voc

The place Abram went to during the famine in Canaan
The name of Sarai's slave whom she gave to Abram.
The name of Abram's son by Hagar
Promise God made to Abram: You will be the ancestor of many nations, I will give you many descendants; I will be your God and you shall be my people.
Extreme scarcity or shortage of food
Means "mother of nations"
The cutting of the foreskin on a male
The place where Terah took Abram from Ur
God changed his name from Abram; Abraham means "ancestor of many nations"
People living in the land of Canaan.
Angels who appeared to Abraham and Sarah and confirmed the birth of their son
The father of Abram
The person who legally inherits the property of another when that person dies.
The act of killing an animal as an offering to a god.
The nephew of Abram
The blood relatives who would have Abram as their ancestor (his children)
The land which God promised to Abram
The name of Sarah and Abraham's son
The wife of Abram; her name means "princess"
Man chosen by God; his name means "high father"