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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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John Chapter 5

The Jewish leaders were outraged because Jesus was calling God __________.
According to v. 20, what will you be?
What do those have who have heard His words and believed?
At once the invalid was ________.
What is your testimony if you testify about yourself?
The pool in Aramaic was called ______.
I seek to please who?
What was the pool near?
My judgment is _________
What did Jesus tell the invalid to pick up?
What did Jesus tell the invalid to do after he got his mat?
I can do nothing ___________
How many colonnades surrounded the pool?
What kind of works will the Father show the son?
When have the Jewish leaders heard the Father's voice?
How many years had the invalid laid by the pool?
Who was a lamp that burned and gave light?
How do you study the scriptures?
Which day of the week did this healing take place?
According to v. 28, where will people be when they hear His voice?
What did Jesus tell the man he healed to stop doing?
What was Jesus' testimony compared to John's.
The Jewish leaders wanted to kill Jesus because he was making himself ________ with God.
Who is your accuser?