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What's Sociology All About?

Study Guide for SOC M01 Exam 1
In the past, males pick up the tab when on a date
This approach is initiated by Theory, hypothesis, followed by systematic collection of data and analysis
Sociologists often make this kind of examination.
For example, cell phones, automobiles, and umbrellas
"Recycle and protect the environment"
"father of sociology"
Personal life is largely influenced by structure of society.
Research step
Oldest sociological paradigm
Research goal of the Pickel and Gentry study
Data collection tool used in Pickel & Gentry study (abbr.)
This theoretical perspective focuses on the inequalities and change within society.
Food taboos, funeral rites, marriage and family are cultural____
"take a knee"
Found suicide related to social integration
Harm and Self-presentation in the Pickel and Gentry study
Cell phones are able to carry a multitude of APPS that have nothing to do with making calls and communicating.
Cultures differ from one another and should be judged on their own terms
The U.S. often thinks of itself as more powerful, more economically sound, and generally just "better" than other nations.
_____sociological paradigm has a different set of assumptions.
1st formal department of sociology at U of . . .
First major empirical sociological study in the U.S. carried out by him
Makes us human.
Efficiency, activity and work, freedom and equality are American _____
Study of society
One of the classical writers in sociology, ____ Weber
Type of data collection tool
Abhorred capitalism and the resultant inequalities
Family gatherings on holidays and special occasions, weddings, graduations, and reunions, are all examples of this