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Physical Science Test2

Pressure is constant in what gas law
the attractive force btwn unlike molecules
Deformation that is the opposite of stretching
A pascal is the SI unit of _____
change in shape
Basic functional unit of all living things
Occurs when 2 forces occur in opposite directions at the same time
The gravitational force on the sea of air surrounding the earth
A submarine is able to maneuver without sinking because of ____ ____
type of movement causes molecules to mix from a higher concentration to a lower concentration
the random motion of microscopic particles
Depth & density both have an effect on
Curved surface
Stretching + compressing at the same time
Device used to measure altitude
type of solid with a random structure
the attraction between molecules
Which type of solid has a well structured molecular order and has a definite melting point
temperature is a constant in what gas law
the ability of a solid to recover its shape
The ability of a gas to be easily compacted is
Device used to measure atmospheric pressure
used to describe the behavior of matter
Volume is constant In this gas law
the property of liquid in which the liquid in a tube tends to rise above or fall beneath its own level due to adhesion
If a variable is ____ it is NOT expressed in the gas law equation
The tendency of an object to float when placed in water
Device used to move liquid over obstacles without a pump
Barometer without liquid
Measures how easily material is bent