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Science Quiz Prep!!!

The Amazon River has the _____ watershed in the world.
An ecosystem where fresh water flows into the ocean
All of the land that has water flowing into a particular river or body of water
The _____ River is an important ecosystem in Russia.
Animals that move freely throughout the ocean
The _____ River is the longest river in the world.
Animals and plants that are a real threat to animals in the Great Lakes (and other places!)
Plants and animals that live on the ocean floor
The layer of water that sunlight is able to penetrate is called the sunlit or _______ zone.
Where the ocean meets the land
A lake that is too shallow to have an aphotic zone
A smaller stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river
A _____ forest is part of a dune system and is an area of shrubs and trees with short, twisted limbs.
The Great Lakes can generate their own ______ systems.
A rapid exchange of cold and warm water regions within a lake
The _____ River has the largest volume of any river.
Five US lakes that provide work and water for over 35 million people
When corals expel their algae and become white or clear in color - but does NOT always kill the coral.
The part of the shore that is covered with water at high tide and uncovered at low tide
______ creatures produce light through a chemical reaction. They live in the deepest parts of the ocean.
Microscopic aquatic organisms that perform photosynthesis
Land along the banks of a river or stream
_____ grass must be tolerant to salt and wind
Plants and animals that move with the ocean currents
The _____ in a dune system helps to stabilize the dunes
Sudden rapid growth of algae
A coral reef attached to land
Algae and coral live in close connection, so their relationship is ___________.
A coral reef formed around a sunken volcano
______ ecosystems vary as the speed of the river changes.
A _____ system is found near a beach and is an example of ecological succession (the process where one ecosystem is changing into another ecosystem.)