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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Do You Know Your Instrument Families?

An instrument that you hit, shake or strike is in the percussion _______.
Flute and clarinet are both in the _____________ family.
The lowest-sounding instrument in the brass family is the ____________.
What brass instrument does the player play with his/her left hand? French _____.
What type of instrumental ensemble (group) would string instruments be found?
Part of playing an instrument is learning how to read the ________.
Violin and cello are both in the _____________ family.
To become good at any instrument, you must ______________!
Clarinet and Oboe mouthpieces have a _____________, which vibrates.
A percussion instrument that is found in the Woodland music room behind section 3.
Woodwind and brass instruments are typically found in what type of ensemble or group?
What vibrates on a violin to create the sound?
Trumpet and trombone are both in the _______ family.
Piano and organ are both in the __________ family.
To take good care of your instrument, you should put it back in the __________ when you're finished playing.
To get a sound on a brass mouthpiece, you must buzz your _______.