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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Regular & Irregular Verbs in the Simple Past Tense

All of the spiderlings ____________ the barnyard except three who became Wilbur's new friends.
The first time Mr. Zuckerman saw the writing in the web, he ____________ in fear because it was such a shock.
The goose and the gander didn't go to County Fair, but the spider and the rat ____________.
Wilbur ____________ his itchy back against the fence.
With his teeth, Templeton ____________ the strands which held the egg sac in place and carried it down to Wilbur.
Templeton ____________ Wilbur and Charlotte that Uncle had a blue tag on his pen.
The rat ____________ at a hole in the grain bin and disturbed Wilbur’s sleep.
Mr. Zuckerman's dog ____________ for Wilbur's leg but missed.
The goose ____________ the unhatched egg to the rat.
Avery ____________ off the fence when he tried to catch Charlotte.
Charlotte ____________ out some thread and lowered herself on a dragline.
Templeton ____________ into a tunnel he had dug beneath the farm.
The men ____________ Wilbur's crate onto the back of the Arables' truck.
Mr. Zuckerman hitched the horses to the mowing machine and ____________ the tall grasses.
The barn ____________ of hay.
Mr. Arable ____________ the newborn pig going to be too much trouble.
Everyone ____________ and stared at the words in the web.
Wilbur became hysterical when he ____________ the old sheep’s bad news.
Charlotte ____________ four messages into her web before she died.
Nobody ____________ a word as they stared at the first miracle in the web.
Avery ____________ a dagger, rifle and a slingshot.
Wilbur ____________ much better once he was safely back in his pigpen drinking his slops.
Charlotte ____________ grasshoppers and midges and beetles.
The Arables, the Zuckermans and Lurvy ____________ to the truck at noontime for lunch.
The old sheep ____________ the bad news about Wilbur's fate.
In the early morning, the cows rested, and the horses ____________.
Templeton ____________ tunnels underneath the barnyard so that he could get around unseen
The runt drank the milk and ____________.
Templeton ____________ Wilbur's tail to wake him up.
Mrs. Zuckerman ____________ the paddle into the buttermilk and rubbed Wilbur's back and sides.
Avery ____________ beside Wilbur and stroked him.
Templeton ____________ angry when Charlotte sent him back to the dump for another word.
The judges ____________ Wilbur a prize for making the County Fair such a success.
Avery ____________ his dagger down to breakfast.
Wilbur ____________ to lay outdoors in the sun and take a nap, but it was raining.
Charlotte ____________ into the knothole in Wilbur's crate to get to the Count Fair unseen.
Wilbur ____________ against the loose board in the fence and escaped.
The judges ____________ hands with Mr. Zuckerman.
The trough ____________ up and came down on top of the rat's lair.
The goose ____________ on her eggs for about thirty days.
People might think of bacon if they ____________ the word "crunchy" in the web.
Charlotte's egg sac ____________ too high up for Wilbur to reach.
Avery and Fern ____________ away from the horrible smell which was caused by the broken egg.