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Weather and Climate I

The degree of heat present in a substance or an object.
A device used to collect and measure rainfall
To move in a circular object around another object
Water overflowing its banks very quickly; caused by a lot of rain or by a lot of snow that melts suddenly
The water that falls to the ground as rain or snow
Caused by clouds colliding from rapid air changes, resulting in lightning hitting the ground.
This has a light, flexible cylinder on a mast to show direction and strength of moving air.
An instrument that measures heat It usually has a sealed glass tube and a bulb at one end that is filled with mercury.
An imaginary line about which an object rotates
Winds ranging in speeds from 75–300 mph that create a column stretching from the thunderclouds to the ground
An indicator of the direction from which wind is coming
To move or to cause to move in a circle around an axis.
A curved path around a star, planet, or moon