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Waves caused by air that blows across bodies of standing water
The star that proves heat and light to the earth, holds the earth in position, and serves as the center of our planetary system
The length of time it takes two successive crests to pass a given point
A layer of atmosphere extending from the troposphere out to about 60 miles above the earth's surface
The vertical distance between crest and trough
The depth at which wave motion stops
Tides caused by the force of gravity of the sun
Air motion that is horizontal to the surface of the earth
A wave caused by sudden shift of the ocean floor, also called a tidal wave
The lowest point of a wave
Undulating, or rising and falling, movements of water
An air mass that originates in the tropical zone and is normally hot
A warm air mass that advances toward a cold air mass
All the matter and space that exists, it extends infinitely in all directions
Two times a year, approximately June 22 and December 22, when the sun reaches an extreme of its northward or southward motion
A layer of atmosphere extending from the earth to about 8 miles above the surface of the earth
Period of time during which any planet completes a single orbit around the sun
An air mass that originates in the temperate zone and has a medium temperature
The horizontal distance between adjacent crests or troughs
Vertical air motion in an upward direction