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Vertical air motion in a downward direction
Winds in the tropical zones that tend to blow from east to west
An atmospheric disturbance consisting of a rapidly rotating mass of air caused by a high pressure area
A large body develops over a single source region and has a similar temperature and humidity conditions throughout
Pressure on the earth caused by the weight of the atmosphere
A thin layer of land and ocean floor about 7 to 30 miles thick that covers the surface of the earth
A cold air mass that moves against a warm air mass and pushes it back
A straight line around which an object rotates
When the sun crosses the equator, making night and day approximately equal length
An atmospheric disturbance made of a rapidly rotating mass of air caused by a low pressure area
Tidal current flowing away from the land
Physical masses such as planets and stars which occupy the heavens
An air mass that originates over land and is usually very dry
The highest point of a wave
A mass of liquid that is in motion, water current is the movement or flow of water
The air that surrounds the earth
The movement of the air over the surface of the earth
Tidal current flowing toward the land
The amount of time it takes for the earth to make one complete rotation on its axis
The boundary between two air masses that have different temperatures