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The number of people who live in a specified area
Regions that are cold all year and receive little rain
The 24 equal divisions around the earth, each about 15 degrees apart
Time determined by the position of the sun in reference to the local position
A narrow passage that connects two larger bodies of water
A large stream of water that flows into a lake or ocean and usually gets its water from smaller streams
A partially enclosed part of an ocean or a large lake that contains either salt or fresh water
Anything from the earth that is a source of something necessary or useful to people
Any substance that is not from a plant or animal
A relatively level area that is higher than most of the land around it
A body of salt water that covers large areas of the earth's surface
A large, flat area of land, usually without trees
The distance east and west of the meridian at Greenwich, England, measured as the angle between the plane that contains the meridian and the plane that contains the meridian through the point to which the distance is measured
The longitude line that passes through Greenwich, England and is the 0 degree longitude
A portion of land nearly surrounded by water but still connected to a larger land mass
Another name for longitude
Regions that do not have very high or low temperatures
Another name for plains
A flat topped hill or small plateau with very steep sides
A raised portion of the earth's surface, generally massive and rising steeply to a great height