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This is the one thing in an experiment that is different and it is what you are testing
This is a type of mixture where a substance dissolves and has solubility
This occurs when water dissappears and turns into water vapor
These let thermal energy and electricity pass through them very quickly. Metals are the best example.
There are the different ways you can describe matter.
This state of matter has a definite shape and volume
These maintain their own original physical properties
This state of matter takes the shape of its container
A force puts an object into ____
These do not let thermal energy and electricity travel through them quickly. Rubber and plastic are examples.
This occurs when drops of water form on the outside of cold soda cans
You need this lab tool to test the force of an object
These are ALL conductors, but only some are magnetic
This state of matter does not have a definite shape or volume
This is when you put objects into two or more different groups
This is the location of an object
Objects that sink have more relative _____ than water