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Characteristics of Seed Plants and Angiosperms

Author: Patrick Gallagher
Leaflike structure of a flower
Angiosperm that has two seed leaves
Plant structure that contains a young plant
Small openings on the undersides of most leaves
Vascular tissue which food moves in some plants
Vascular tissue which water and nutrients move in some plants
Plant that produces seeds that are in a protective structure
Process by which water is lost through a plant's leaves
Angiosperm that has only one seed leaf
Male reproductive parts of a flower
Layer of cells in a plant that produces new phloem and xylem cells
Ripened ovary and other structures that enclose one or more seeds of an angiosperm
Leaflike structure that encloses the bud of a flower
Early growth stage of the embryo plant in a seed
Young plant that develops from a zygote
Seed leaf that stores food
Reproductive structure of an angiosperm
Female reproductive parts of a flower
Structure that covers the tip of a root
Protective structure in plants that encloses the developing seeds