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A religion whose followers can achieve enlightenment by understanding the Four Noble Truths and by following the Eightfold Path
A religion which attests there is only one God, Jesus is the Son of God, and Jesus' death and resurrection make eternal life possible
Shared attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors of a group
A scientist who studies cultures
Human communication, either written, spoken, or signed
A person sent to do religious work in another land
A religion whose followers believe in only one God and that God loves and protects his people but holds them accountable for their sins
A person who has no set home but moves from place to place in search of food for animals
The raising and tending of a plant or animal to be of use to humans
A religion that attests that there is only one God and persons achieve salvation by following the Five Pillars and by living a good life.
The spread of ideas, inventions, and patterns of behavior from one group to another
Something new that is introduced for the first time
A religion whose followers believe the soul never dies but is continually reborn until it becomes enlightened
An organized system of belief and practices, often centered on one or more gods