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States of Matter Comprehensive Science 2

Change of state of matter from gas to solid. Example: Frosted window.
Average kinetic energy
State of matter with definite shape and volume, examples are rocks, ice, fabric.
The ability to do work
Moving energy from one object to another
State of matter with no definite size or shape, state with highest energy level, molecules farthest apart, most energy
Energy is neither create nor destroyed.
Groupings of one or more atoms
Change of state of matter from solid to gas. Example: air fresheners, dry ice.
Stored energy of position
When solids become liquids
Process in which liquid boils and becomes a gas
The temperature at which solid becomes liquid
energy of a body or a system with respect to the motion of the body or of the particles in the system.
Process in which energy is lost and liquid becomes a solid
The temperature at which liquid becomes gas
State of matter that has more energy than gas and is ionized
process of changing energy from one form to another
State change when gas becomes a liquid (i.e. when a cold soda "sweats")
State change when a gas becomes a solid (i.e. a frosted window)
Definite shape or volume. State between solids and gases. (i.e. Water, Soda, etc.)