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Billy's Spelling Words

Author: Martha
___ to the world!
My stomach is
Color of lent
Opposite of uptown
Past tense of draw
Touching to make laugh
Fork, knife
Up is the sky, down is the ---
Past tense of fly
Despereaux is kind of animal
The king and queen have this kind of family
Wrap food in this kind of tin
To figure out the word you need one of these
Open door away from you
Past tense of shake
Name of book
Part above your foot
Open door towards you
The 7th month
Blow one with gum
Walk----the block
A fancy dress to wear at the ball
A king wears on his head
To take apart. To demolish
Don't make any ---- it must be quiet.
Meat that goes bad
A little laugh
To have a lot of fun
Type of horn
Put in a fire place
Down on a map
Past tense of stand
A man dresses up and wears a
To make food
Something to get a fish
Opposite of false