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Earth System, Earth Interior, Convection and the Mantle

Name __________________________ HR_____
Date ______________
Heat transfer that can occur without matter and travels by rays or waves.
Layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin and includes both dry land and ocean floor.
______ build land masses by lifting up mountains and rocks.
Heat transfer between materials that are touching
Heating and cooling changes a fluids density and set convection ______ in motion.
Forces that wear away and destroy land by erosion and weathering are ______ forces
The ability to do work.
Soft layer of the mantle found below the lithosphere.
The crust and the upper mantle form the ________.
The outer and inner core are made mostly of the metals ______ and nickel.
When earthquakes occur, they produce _____ waves.
A group of parts that work together as a whole.
A dense ball of solid metal (2 words)
A layer of molten metal (2 words)
Light coarse grained rock found in the continental crust.
Breakdown of rocks by water, ice, temperature changes, plants, animals and chemicals
Relatively thin envelope of gases that form Earth's outermost layer
_______ build up Earth's surface by spewing lava that hardens into rock.
A layer of hot rock below the crust.
Contains all the Earth's water
Forces that shape Earth's surface by building up mountains and other land masses are called _____ forces.
Dark fine grained rock which composes the oceanic crust.
Has three main parts: metal core, solid middle layer, and rocky outer layer
A measure of how much mass there is in a given volume of a substance.
Wearing down and carrying away of land by water, ice, wind, and gravity.